Prospective Business Investigations

Private investigations services by K. Ross Consulting can uncover important information regarding prospective business partners. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding an individual or company with whom you are going to do business, let us do some background research for you. Knowing their history can make or break your business, and we understand the importance of that kind of knowledge. We can also uncover information on potential sales targets. What better way to get your foot in the door than to know some personal information about the personal interests of a sales prospect? Let us do the hard work for you so you can form a successful relationship with a future client.

Corporate Investigations

If you ever have any doubt or concern about the business practices of your employees, we can conduct investigations that will uncover any wrongdoings. Company loyalty is an important characteristic to help build your company, and we can help weed out any employees that may potentially hurt your business.

Background Checks

This includes pre-employment screening, which can include a criminal search, employment verification, and education verification. If you are looking for a more detailed screening, we can search for bankruptcy, tax liens, boat and aircraft registrations, property and vehicles owned, UCC filings, and judgments. Just as it is important for an interviewer to understand the background interviewee, we can also uncover important information on the interviewers. It is never smart to go into an interview blindly, so why not get ahead by knowing and understanding more about your interviewer than the competing candidates for the job?

Legal Discovery

We offer pre-trial litigation services to uncover information that may be useful in court trials. In addition to numerous online resources, we can access County, District Court, and JP indices. We can locate witnesses and conduct interviews to provide information that can be used in trial preparation.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies can lose a lot of monetary value in cases of insurance fraud. We provide the services to help you identify whether your clients are involved in insurance fraud. Our private investigations services include surveillance, interviews, and research to identify whether your clients are involved in a scam.

General Investigations

If you need to find any other kind of information regarding our private investigations services that does not fall into the categories listed above, please contact us, and we will determine whether we have the resources to gather the information you need.

For information on services and pricing, please contact us.

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